CCVO3F Parks and Gardens

Are you dreaming of the peaceful and “zen” atmosphere of Asia? Are you looking to journey across continents without going too far from home?

The Municipality Communities of the Vallée de l’Oise and Les Trois Forêts (CCVO3F) can offer this change of scenery!
In the CCVO3F, there are several green spaces you can explore to your heart’s content. In Méry-sur-Oise, the grounds of the Château, covering an area of 27 hectares are open to the public. The municipality purchased the estate in 2004, and it has been listed a Historic Monument since 1937. This estate was designed as a trail along the water’s edge, taking visitors on a journey to different continents. Behind the Parmain Post Office, there’s a little “zen” park which is strangely positioned on a slope, with some atypical Chinese features and Asian vegetation, with a little red bridge over a stream that flows into a waterfall.

L’Isle-Adam Parks and Gardens

The locals and visitors alike enjoy a dozen green areas throughout the town, and they are managed in such a way as to respect the local wildlife, in partnership with environmental protection associations. Jean Sainteny park is opposite the Garenne ponds. You can come here to relax on a bench or use the wide-open spaces for outdoor games. Cassan park nearby is where you’ll find the iconic “Pavillon Chinois”, the symbolic place of the town. To reach the town centre, it is recommended you walk along the Allée Le Nôtre (pedestrian path), at the end of which you’ll come across Siaram, a creation of Jean Marais. If you walk towards the Oise, you can admire the flowers and temporary open-air exhibitions at “La Roseraie” (rose garden). After Cabouillet bridge, you’ll reach l’Ile de la Cohue across a wooden walkway from the Quai de l’Oise. Here, there are some houses, a shop, a restaurant and a breath-taking view of L’Isle-Adam beach. On the neighbouring Ile du Prieuré, there’s a square where families and small groups like to get together (picnic furniture is not permitted). Throughout its history, this little island has been home to several constructions owned by the town’s noblemen. This is the case for the Château Conti for example, which can also be discovered when the Town Council organises exhibitions there. The relaxing and almost timeless grounds are open to the public, for anyone looking for some peace-and-quiet.