The markets


The Halle de L’Isle-Adam, one of the most beautiful markets in Ile-de-France!
This market is a breath of fresh air, a real break in our stressful city life. A simple stroll through a market brings back the scents from our childhood, scents of the undergrowth and mushrooms, fragrances from the seaside, milk, warm bread or spices as you pass by another stall… It’s also a place to meet people and a place filled with life.
Then you can of course taste a piece of local cheese, slice of saucisson, a juicy strawberry handed to you by the stall owner… this is an opportunity to share flavours in this special inviting atmosphere you can only find at the Market.
Come and try it out for yourselves at the market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, you’ll quickly get a taste for it.

Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 8am to 1pm

Rue Dambry • L’Isle-Adam


Méry-sur-Oise: the new market!
It has been much-awaited, and it’s worth a detour. Méry-sur-Oise market made its big come-back in September 2019 at the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville. Stalls full of fruit and vegetables, roasted meats, cheese, fish, meat and deli meats, spices and olives, Catalan and Iranian dishes: there’s nothing missing from this brand-new market, even seasonal products such as oysters, pancakes or honey make an appearance. This new market offers a great diversity of products with twenty-two stall owners, fifteen of them selling food products.

Every Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville • Méry-sur-Oise


Parmain: a new open-air market! A new open-air market is born in the town of Parmain. Take the time to explore every Saturday.

Every Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville • Parmain


An original market because it takes place at the end of the day. A great opportunity to end the week in a tasty way

Every Friday from 4pm to 7pm

Place de la gare • Presles


The P’tit Marché de Mériel is off to a good start, with 6 exhibitors!
Come and share a friendly moment with the traders and craftsmen present!

Every Sunday from 8am to 1pm

Place des Balcons • Mériel