The Etang des Trois Sources

In the north of the town, along the Chemin des Trois Sources, the lake bearing the same name stretches across 1.3 hectares and has a maximum depth of 1.20 m. Around the lake is a park that is very popular with walkers and families. The area has been developed onto a former quarry and there is a wide range of trees here, including poplar trees, and a meadow. An interesting characteristic of the area is that toads come here from the forest opposite, to reproduce (lay eggs). Odonata (dragonflies), fish, ducks, barnacle geese, swans, water hens and coypu have also chosen to take up residence in this natural environment.

Banks of the Oise

This river was the very birthplace of 19th-century Impressionism and was a source of inspiration for a number of artists including Vincent Van Gogh (Auvers-sur-Oise) and Camille Pissaro (Pontoise). It runs for 341 km from the Belgian Ardennes to the Yvelines in France and 41 km of the river crosses through the Val d’Oise.
There are cycle paths and towpaths along both banks, reminders of its rich past marked by the shipping industry. The Oise is also dotted with little islands such as Prieuré and Cohue in l’Isle-Adam or Vaux in Méry-sur-Oise. There are some locks in Pontoise and L’Isle-Adam that serve to regulate the regular commercial barges and recreational boats passing through. In these same towns visitors can go on commented cruises down the river during the high season.

The Marais de Stors

The Marais de Stors is in the town of Mériel, 27 km north of Paris, on the edge of the l’Isle-Adam and l’Oise forests. This classified site in the Vallée de Chauvry has exceptionally beautiful landscapes and forms a mosaic of very sensitive habitats at the bottom of the small valley, crossed by a small stream, the Ru du Vieux Moutiers. Despite its relatively small surface area, this wetland is a remarkable place in Ile-de-France for its rich wildlife.
The 60 hectares of this site are a fantastic hotspot for biodiversity. Between the very dry calcicolous hillside and the very wet peatland, the valley boasts a great number of protected species.