Since 2018, La Rosière has been one of the biggest developed biodiversity zones in the region. This 11-hectare area on the left banks of the Oise is a very pleasant place to visit and it is an ideal habitat for local wildlife.

La Rosière Biodiversity Zone

La Rosière is a place of ecological interest and the main goal of the area is to raise awareness with the public about the importance of protecting the environment. This biodiversity zone includes a one-hectare body of water, a grove with 48 trees (Pontoise apple trees, Montmorency cherry trees and Argenteuil fig trees), an enclosed area with a dozen beehives, several spaces with plants and flowers, a pike reserve and some water meadows in the event of flooding from the Oise. 150 shrubs have been planted here, including willow trees and oak trees, and 450 plant varieties (some of them aquatic). 20 species of dragonfly, 30 species of butterfly and 60 species of bird have been recorded across the zone. It is also possible to catch a glimpse of a palmate newt, praying mantis, blue-winged grasshopper or a bat.