La Scène Adamoise

More than ever, La Scène Adamoise is working hard to be a cultural and social venue, accessible to all. La Scène Adamoise was officially opened in 2018 and the architecture of the building perfectly blends into the surrounding environment. It is a venue for artistic and cultural events, as well as events organised by associations and the local town council. The modular venue covers a surface area of 386 m² and is equipped with motorised stands and retractable seats, to allow for a rich and eclectic programme of music, singing, dance and theatre.

La Scène Adamoise will be open from the 18th September with a great programme of around fifteen events for the last few months of the year, offering an outlet for personal fulfilment and hope after this challenging year. The goal of this venue is to offer the audience an opportunity to come and share a wide range of emotions, through theatre productions, concerts, solo performances, cabaret and children’s shows.

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Musée Louis-Senlecq

“Give the colours and landscapes back their setting…” Today, this is a museum of Art and History, first created in 1939 to showcase local history and the artists and other great people who have left their mark on the town (Jules Dupré, Joseph Le Guluche, the Princes of Conti). At first, it was in the “Maison des Joséphites”. In 2006, this building had become too run down and so the museum was moved to the Jacques Henri Lartigues art centre, and officially opened to the public in 1998.

The museum was originally a volunteer-run organisation, it was awarded the “Musée de France” label in 2002 and hosts some very popular and renowned activities: temporary exhibitions, art workshops for children (from 6 to 14 years old, one Wednesday per month) and for adults (with a professional artist), a games booklet for families, art courses during the school holidays, a “Celebrate your birthday at the museum” package (guided tour, art workshop, birthday cake and drinks), a documentation centre.

From the 19th September to the 14th February 2021, the museum is hosting an exhibition devoted to Chinese artist Yang Ermin (1971 – ). This is the fourth time the artist has presented his work in France, and besides the interest this brings to the Museum of Art and History, this exhibition entitled “la réapparition de la couleur” (the resurgence of colour) aims to provide a whole new perspective of landscapes, by combining two concepts of landscape painting – that of the Far East and of the Western world.

Musée Jean Gabin

The Gabin family came to Mériel in 1900. Jean Gabin spent his childhood and teenage years there. This one-of-a-kind museum in France is devoted to the famous French actor and was officially opened in 1992, upon the initiative of his loved ones and the local town council, at the same time as the adjacent town square that was also given his name. Long before he became well-known in front of the cameras of the greatest film directors, Jean Gabin enjoyed fishing on the banks of the Oise! He only left his little hometown to launch his career. Once he became well-known in France, Jean Gabin only came back to Mériel to visit his sister and some old friends. The museum tells the story of his life before fame, and pays tribute to his artistic career through many archived documents, some personal items and testimonies from some great names in cinema. The association “Société des Amis du musée Jean Gabin” also organises temporary exhibitions and film showings, not-to-mention the “Festival du Court Métrage – Au Pays de Gabin”.
(Currently closed for renovation work)


La Luciole

Acting as a light by night and a lighthouse by day, fans of art and technology, this place is for you. This venue was officially opened in 2016 and offers a diversified programme of events: shows, concerts, cinema, theatre, live broadcasts of cultural or sports events, exhibitions. There’s a 120 m² dance studio and a rehearsal studio equipped for various artistic practices. This multi-purpose and multi-generational centre also has an area devoted to associations and a leisure centre (ALSH in French) with a capacity for more than 200 children, in a total surface area of 22,500 m² including the surrounding grounds, play areas and car parks. In 2020, the Micro-Folie (digital museum, digital laboratory, virtual reality area) and café also opened here, making this a truly all-round complex.

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Espace Rive Gauche

The Espace Rive Gauche is a cultural and sports complex and the venue of a wide range of events. Prices are adapted to make this complex accessible to all, and various events are organised here: concerts, theatre productions, exhibitions, festivals, educational workshops.

You can make bookings and pick up tickets directly at the complex, from the town’s Cultural Department.


Château Conti

Marvel at Château Conti. L’Isle-Adam is undeniably an artistic destination and the town was able to revive the building that is today known as the “Château Conti”. This was originally a beautiful manor house built by Alfred Ducamp on the plot where, since the turn of the first millennium, the châteaux of various noble families of L’Isle-Adam have succeeded one another: the Adam family of L’Isle, the Villiers of L’Isle-Adam, the Montmorency and the Bourbon-Conti. It was left in ruins for years and then purchased in 2005 by the Municipality who carried out some significant renovation work. Château Conti is now the historic heart of the town, and its goal is to carry on these artistic traditions, by welcoming artists and hosting some great exhibitions all year round, in the reception halls on the ground floor.


Château de Méry-sur-Oise

The Château de Méry-sur-Oise is set in twenty seven hectares of lush-green grounds. This unmissable place is on the lefts banks of the Oise, at the heart of the town centre of Méry-sur-Oise.

In 2004, Méry town council purchased the estate with the help from the Ile de France Region, the Department of Val d’Oise and the Agence Régionale des Espaces Verts. The Château is now owned by the locals of Méry-sur-Oise and hosts cultural events organised by insitutional partners and the town council.